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Revisions to Key Standard on High Voltage Installations
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A revised version of AS 2067:2016, Substations and high voltage installations exceeding 1 kV a.c., was published today. The standard provides common rules for the design and the construction of electrical power installations in systems with nominal voltages above 1 kV a.c. and nominal frequency up to and including 60 Hz.

The new edition of AS 2067 addresses a range of issues including fire risk related to substations within or near buildings and recognises changes in the National Construction Code. It also substantially expands on earthing, with reference to the Energy Networks Association’s (ENA) Handbook ENA DOC 025 EG-0.

Numerous changes have also been made to bring the document closer to IEC 61936, the relevant international standard on power installations exceeding 1 kV a.c.

“AS 2067 is a fundamental standard with wide ranging benefits,” said Alex Baitch, Chair of Technical Committee EL-043, High Voltage Installations.

“Application of the design principles in AS 2067:2016 improves public electrical safety, aims to reduce the associated fire risk associated with substations and high voltage installations and provides a reference document that regulators can use to enforce the application of the standard.”

While existing installations are not automatically required to comply with the changes to this standard, all installations should be reviewed, according to Robert Skene, Senior Technical Advisor at Energy Safe Victoria.

“The relevant regulatory authority or electricity network operator may require proof that the design and construction of the high voltage electrical installation complies with this standard and other relevant standards and regulatory requirements, including local service and installation rules,” explained Mr Skene. 

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