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Identification of cladding products the focus of new guidance
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In early 2018, the Building Ministers Forum asked Standards Australia to develop a permanent labelling system of Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) products. Standards Australia has since worked with a range of technical experts to develop industry-backed guidance enabling to support the  identification of these products throughout their life-cycle. 

Published this week, the technical specification (SA TS 5344:2019, Permanent labelling for Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) products) provides minimum requirements for the marking of ACPs to enable their identification throughout the life of the product. 

“Fires at Lacrosse and Grenfell have led to this publication, however this is a good news story which is a step towards addressing this challenge for the building sector,” said Adam Stingemore, General Manager – Strategy and Engagement. 

“There are no doubt challenges for the building industry in regards to the use of this type of product, and the community rightly expects a comprehensive solution,” said Mr Stingemore. “We are pleased to have been able to respond to the Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) in helping to address this challenge.”

 The group responsible for the publication covers the entire ACP product supply chain including manufacturers, suppliers, designers, installers, testing bodies, certification bodies, regulators and building surveyors. 

“The intent of this project was to improve the ability of consumers and building practitioners to identify ACP-type products, and as a result, to reduce the possibility of product substitution that can result in the wrong product being supplied and installed,” said Mr Stingemore. “Publication of this document is evidence that the experts and representatives involved believe this intention has been met, and community concerns have been heard and addressed.”

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