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Standards Australia lights the way
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The newly revised standard AS 2560.2:2021 provides guidance on appropriately lit facilities for sports clubs and communities.

The new standard aims to improve public health and safety with guidance on increased light quality at sporting facilities and see less environmental impact due to reduced energy consumption.

Standards Australia has announced the release of newly revised lighting standard, AS 2560.2, Sports lighting, Part 2: Specific applications. The revision provides guidance on appropriately lit facilities for various levels of play, from professional level match play to recreational training level. The standard also helps maximise the use of grounds and indoor facilities.

This standard now combines the previous eight single sport standards into one more comprehensive document covering those sports plus more. The previous standards were out of date with one dating back to 1986. The standard encapsulates multiple sports including tennis, multipurpose indoor sports halls, football (all codes), outdoor netball / basketball, aquatic sports, baseball / softball, outdoor field hockey, and lawn bowling. This new standard now also has been expanded into include, cricket, equestrian and squash.

The updated standard brings processes in line with international bodies and ensures terminology matches and is current with industry. In addition, the standard takes into consideration new LED technology, works to improve the overall quality of the lit spaces and areas.

“All of the previous documents were way past their use by date, with one being over 30 years old. The committee worked tirelessly to ensure the revisions reflected the current day lighting industry and sports needs, and ultimately resulted in a safe sporting environment, that reduces impact on the environment while being mindful of the overall cost, both initial and ongoing,” said Peter Jones, Committee Chair of LG-009, Sports Lighting.

“Our hope is that more sporting clubs, communities, and venues enlist the standard as we believe it will greatly assist them in providing and maintaining safely lit indoor and outdoor areas.

“The Committee has worked closely with the relevant sporting bodies in the development of the standard. In particular Cricket Australia which undertook a thorough testing program to ensure recommended lighting levels accurately reflect the current and future needs of the sport, from entry level programming through to high performance competition and training”.

“The collaboration with Standards Australia to establish a uniform cricket lighting standard will have enormous benefits. We strive to provide excellent playing environments for our players, umpires, and spectators alike and this standard is a vital step in our activity”, said Cricket Australia Chief Executive Officer, Nick Hockley.

“The standard has many important applications that will benefit our game. From community clubs seeking to grow participation, through expanded playing and training opportunities, to councils being able to invest in more sustainable lighting infrastructure, and high-performance centres aiming to provide elite conditions.,” Mr Hockley concluded.

“Our vision at Standards Australia is to benefit all Australians through standards across every element of their lives. We’re pleased to have developed a standard that will greatly impact Australian sports. Whether you’re a professional, a local community or council, this standard will provide a better, well-lit experience,” said Standards Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Adrian O’Connell.



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