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Dynamic data and digital tool gives users a pulse check on CET standards
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A new dashboard tool from Standards Australia will let users keep their finger on the pulse of Critical and Emerging Technology (CET) standards from around the world, providing real-time data on key standards as quickly as they evolve.  

The dashboard will enhance user experience with improved visibility to current standards and standards in development at both the national and international levels.     

This move reinforces Standards Australia’s position as a leader in the safe and reliable deployment of CET standards.  

Covering key areas including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, smart cities, 'internet of things' (IoT), cloud computing, data, cybersecurity, and quantum computing, it equips stakeholders with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and drive innovation, enabling them to keep pace with technological advancements.    

Richard Lambert, Head of Standards Development for Standards Australia says: 

“As the sector continues to evolve, it is paramount that stakeholders have access to reliable, up-to-date standards to respond to change as quickly as it happens. The dashboard supports the CET sector and signifies our commitment to moving in tandem with businesses, driving the growth of the digital economy.”  

Standards Australia has previously identified gaps in standards for emerging technologies: 

• In May 2022 the Iconic Nation Report identified that up to 4000 new Australian standards would be required in the next decade to support the shift to the digital economy.

• In July 2022 the Data & Digital Landscape report called on government and industry to address gaps in standards for emerging technologies 

“The launch of the dashboard reaffirms Standards Australia’s dedication to remain at the forefront of new technologies, recognising the significance of standards in the data and digital technologies domain, and the vital role they play in supporting and shaping the growth of the ICT sector,” Mr. Lambert says. 

“By promoting consistency and interoperability among products and services, standards lay the foundation for the efficient, safe, and reliable functioning of emerging technologies.” 

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